How does the free-to-play games make a profit?

Absorbing themes for free game creators to attract dollars

Today, playing to win is more than just a victory in the game you play; it also could mean filling your coffer with lots of dollar! You might have come across many people who boasted of making it big, but you never knew how, when and where to start off! The big bucks always seemed to you guys like you can’t get to them, not even to their proximity. Don’t think about the past secrets, they will be revealed to you, start making the innovative process. We will show you certain simple secrets and tricks which the hidden millionaires have mastered on the web to create wealth.


One way of making money is to attract advertisements. It needs creative games, in the sense it should be able to adopt certain approaches which work honestly! The other approaches are based on attracting the entire family to gaming.

  1. The people who play those games, especially children, need something new every time they play. This is where the game-versioning pays. The first version is made so innovative that the next versions automatically sell themselves.

  2. Designing a game that attracts and commits everyone in the family to them. A free treasure hunt game has a “key” which requires ¢50 to open, another door takes ¢25 to slide and, thus the realization of the “treasure” could fill your coffer with $1, per game.

  3. Creating the sense of “super smart shopping”, in the meaning that the web portal has a game for the child + a smart and paid shopping grocery guide that saves dollars to the “mom” + a men’s paid channel that makes them younger as their age. This sense has made millions to many game creators

  4. If playing free online game could bring “the Dad”, big discounts in his online shopping! Or a free “pedicure product” to the mom when she shops! These kinds of games push the “dads” to open their coffers to fill yours!

  5. When a player clicks the “Enter” button of a free online game, it brings an additional likes to the “product logo”. Many game creators have established business contracts with the leading brands of children’s products online. The product sellers sponsor the “Enter” button and the game creators earn.

  6. The hero of a famous free online game wears a T-shirt showing the sponsor brand. By getting the companies to sponsor that “brand” many have earned smartly

  7. The free online game takes a while load, meanwhile the screen displays a series of short and absorbing advertisements. These “ads” may also stop for a while, allow the interested shoppers “click to buy” before resuming. It might run for about 10 to 15 seconds before the free game opens.

  8. The creators place an all absorbing 3-D free game which lasts for about 3 minutes. It is interactive, creative and challenging. At the end of 3 minutes, the child just can’t do without the next paid part. This approach is yet another way in which the game creators have been earning. The only requirement here is to make really absorbing games that keep the players engaged throughout 3 minutes.


Online Gaming, ios Gaming, android gaming and the community

One of the greatest breakthroughs in the 21st century technology has been the use of the internet for both communication and entertainment. Almost every knowledgeable person has a little or full knowledge on how to use the internet. The international game developer has taken an advantage of the internet and as such, they have developed software via which the users can game online. Most of these games are accessed by users with medium to high-speed internet connections. The user is also required to have their gadgets such as the android phones, ios device or computers connected to the internet. Online, ios, and android games have thus become so popular especially after the discovery of the 3D technology. The games are now more interesting and exciting.


Why are the games so popular?

The fame of these games increases day by day out, and this can be attributed to a number of factors. One, with the current technology, can easy get the opponents of similar skills just through a click of a button. This pushes many users to connect to the internet to play with opponents of their fit for the sake of enjoying the game, the competition and more so, to gain more skills. Most of the online games give and option of many players and thus it can accommodate many players at a go on a virtual platform. This has been the highest contributor of the popularity.

Online games offer an adequate training as users in some cases can communicate to each other through the chat-tab on the virtual game platform. To add, there are numerous games to choose from with varying complexity and excitement. Many youths are now spending their free time on online gaming rather than indulging in some illegal behaviour such as drug and substance abuse, rape and other immoralities.


Effects associated with online gaming

The increased excitement makes online, ios and android games more engaging and addictive to most of our youths, especially the teenagers. Many players will spend most of their time playing these games at the expense of their homework. This has affected many students’ performances and it is now considered as a factor that is affecting the success of the teenagers and young adults. Many sports activities are abandoned for the sake of the games thus having a health effect due to the fact that this gaming involves a little manual work.

Some reports show that lot of the gamers spend most of their time on their smart phones, computers and consoles playing neglecting their social life thus loosing attachments to their family members. The outcome can also cause fights in the families they belong to as the players hate interruptions when playing. The internet costs also increase if there is not an unlimited subscription since gamers spend much time on the internet playing and researching on how to increase their skills.

We also have cases of fraud over the internet where the newbies are the most affected. Betting or involving yourself on a paid competition can lead to losses as you’re not sure of the tactics and skills your opponent uses. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.